Lean Consulting

Boulder Associates’ expertise comes from more than three decades of process-driven design to deliver healthcare facilities. In that time, the ideas of optimizing flow, reducing inefficiencies, and operational assessments have informed the design services we provided. From our years of full engagement with the concept of lean, we have established Boulder Associates Operational Excellence as a consultancy that provides a range of services from training to assessments to custom data visualizations for clients in various sectors worldwide.

We believe that being a lean organization is an advantage in the marketplace. We teach lean, but we also act lean.

When we provide coaching, we anchor our work in the real-world solutions that benefit us in our design practice. While we are comfortable working with our clients at a strategic level, and we are at our best when we join our clients and team members in the trenches, rolling up our sleeves and collaborating on tactical solutions that add value. Our lean team of Romano Nickerson, Michael OswaldTodd Henderson, Tracy Gordon, and Stacey Root have established credentials within the lean community and a proven track record of providing that value to clients.