Boulder Associates’ 5 offices attend the first ever virtual retreat!

September 29, 2016

All of Boulder Associates Architects’ 5 offices attended the first ever virtual retreat on September 23. Colleagues learned what is going on within the company as it was broadcasted on the firm-wide video conferencing system. This also allowed us the opportunity to learn a bit more about projects and people in our other offices. Each office submitted videos to share (both project related and personal)and the staff really had fun creating these and it inspired many to document our future activities in video for the firm’s internal intranet site. We also celebrated a new internal awards program – The BOBS, The Best of Boulder Awards!

As with many of the company’s events, each office planned an off-site activity. Since the offices are located in beautiful areas, many involved hiking, but some involve community service such as Orange County’s visit to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in nearby Laguna Beach.