2011 promotions.

January 1, 2011

As of January 1, 2011, Boulder Associates’ architect Darci Hernandez, AIA, has been promoted to Principal, and interior designer Jenny Reece, IIDA, CID, has been promoted to Senior Associate. Four new associates were also named: Michael R. Bensky, Stacey Root, Amy Van Dam, and Angela M.T. Van Do.


Darci Hernandez, AIA, has worked with Boulder Associates since 2002, and is a LEED AP BD+C. She successfully led the opening of our Orange County office in the fall of 2007, and it continues to grow as she establishes new relationships within this close-knit healthcare community. She’s also a cofounder of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Los Angeles Chapter, which in the last two years has helped expand the knowledge and involvement of lean construction to southern California.


Jenny Reece, IIDA, CID, graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a BA in Interior Design. With Boulder Associates since 2004, Jenny excels in her position as an interior designer by creating engaging, approachable surroundings for patients, their families, and staff. She is a LEED AP ID+C, is NCIDQ and CCIDC certified, and is an active board member of IIDA. She currently sits on the Sacramento city center board as the Student Affairs Liason, working with local college students as they pursue a career in interior design.


Michael R. Bensky, AIA, joined Boulder Associates in 2008. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University and specializes in senior living and healthcare design. He is a LEED AP BD+C and is an active member of AIA and the AIA Design for Aging Knowledge Community.


Stacey Root, AIA, received her Masters in Architecture from the University of Texas. She is a LEED AP BD+C and has developed a wide range of experience in the past 12 years. Stacey has been part of the Boulder Associates team since 2008.


Amy Van Dam, the firm’s LEED and Sustainable Design Coordinator, has been with Boulder Associates since 2004, and is a LEED AP ID+C.


Angela M.T. Van Do, AIA, obtained her Masters in Architecture from the University of Tennessee, is a LEED AP BD+C, and is NCARB certified. She has been with Boulder Associates since 2001 and is an active board member of the AIA Colorado Chapter.