Presenting at Planetree, Healthcare Design, and California Society for Healthcare Engineering conference,

November 19, 2009

This fall representatives from Boulder Associates attended and presented at the annual Planetree, Healthcare Design, and California Society for Healthcare Engineering conference.

Mike Bensky, Gina Livingston-Smith, and Tim Boers attended the Planetree Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, for which Boulder Associates was a Gold level sponsor. Gina Livingston-Smith gave a presentation that educated healthcare administrators on the unhealthy nature of typical healthcare practices, and offered potential solutions for change. Tim Boers presented case studies and three different types of senior living projects, highlighting the differences, challenges and opportunities in each.

Douglas Whiteaker gave a presentation at the annual California Society for Healthcare Engineering conference, which was themed Staying Centered in Changing Times. Douglas spoke on the importance of thinking sustainably in healthcare, reviewing how different toxins affect the environment, and identifying these items as part of healthcare operations. He also discussed different areas of LEED, covering how they can be integrated into operations and outlining what tools can be used to begin the sustainable design process.

At this year’s Healthcare Design conference, Gina Livingston-Smith partnered with Janet Brown of Practice Greenhealth and Kimberly Nelson Montague of Planetree to present The Roles of Sustainability in the Healing Environment. The three speakers briefly discussed their varied perspectives on the implementation of sustainability, and then reviewed exemplary case studies from around the country.