• Planning Manual with Process Map

Baptist Health Medical Group PCMH Spoke and Hub Program  |  Miami-Dade County, Florida

Baptist Health Systems sought out Boulder Associates to help address the forecasted need for coordinated chronic disease management and preventative care services. They looked to increase access to Primary Care physicians through the development and establishment of a Patient Centered Medical Home, consisting of multiple hubs and spokes to be developed throughout their service area over time.

The team’s assignment was to program, design and help develop workflow for each spoke and hub to promote a team-based approach to the delivery of care, incorporating best practices (i.e. care coordination, group visits, electronic medical record integration) and innovative design concepts, with a goal of achieving PCMH accreditation.

The Boulder Associates team brought their existing knowledge base on designing for PCMH and augmented it with a 3P event, working with Baptist Health staff to optimize the design for their unique way of working.