Boulder Community Health Riverbend Health Center  |  Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Community Hospital (BCH) Riverbend Health Center is a re-development of four existing properties into a three-story, 70,430 s.f. medical office building closely located to their parent Foothills Hospital. The layout and program was determined by a 3P event we hosted with the BCH staff in attendance. By directly addressing the staff's needs and concerns, the floorplan determined through this event became the floorplan that was built. The program includes outpatient behavioral health, integrative care, ECT, neurology, behavioral health (to include 18 beds and two seclusion rooms). An adjacent six-level parking structure alleviates parking overflow from the main hospital as well as providing ground-level storefront retail so accompanying families can conveniently grab food or coffee while patients are in treatment.

With brick, copper, and glass as the primary materials, we designed a space that aids in the healing process by incorporating the natural feel of its surroundings. A large courtyard space in a garden setting is a defining feature of the campus, providing fresh air, views to the night sky, and safe pedestrian connections between the medical office building and parking garage, and neighboring facilities.

The behavioral health unit, featuring tunable lighting, was designed with a neighborhood approach where the patient room is their home, the oversized hallways are the front porch, and the day and dining spaces are the downtown areas. This gives the patients the choice of if they want to be in the thick of activity, observe from a distance, or have privacy (if allowed). An interior courtyard full of safe, non-toxic plants is also accessible by patients, allowing for exposure to fresh air, sunlight, and views of the night sky.