Colorado Sleep Institute  |  Longmont, Colorado

This project consists of a new two-story 21,800 s.f. medical office building with 11,340 s.f. of core and shell on the first floor (vacant space for future tenant build out) and 10,830 s.f. on the second floor for the Colorado Sleep Institute tenant improvement.

The sleep lab TI consisted of four sleep rooms designed specifically to meet the clients' needs for overnight sleep studies and daytime equipment training, exam rooms, home sleep test rooms, medical equipment storage, staff support areas, and administrative space. It was designed with lighting as a key element. Informed by evidence-based design strategies, the resulting approach to light quality supports patients and staff by helping to maintain alertness in staff areas and minimize sleep disruption in patient’s zones.

Each sleep room is designed to create a relaxing environment that simulates the feeling of home and encourages comfortable sleep. Design elements like a built-in headboard and floating European-style cabinets help to provide this atmosphere. Indirect amber lighting located below each cabinet minimizes sleep disturbance yet provides enough illumination for staff on the night shift to safely navigate as they assist patents during the sleep testing process.

The reception and waiting area welcome patients with an elegant, home-like Scandinavian style. This interior space includes comfortable furniture, lighter-tone woods, soothing colors, natural stone-like tile, warm indirect lighting, and soft carpet.