Colorado State Veterans Center at Homelake Master Plan  |  Monte Vista, Colorado

Colorado State Veterans Center at Homelake was established in 1891 as the Colorado State Soldiers and Sailors Home. Over the years, as enrollment declined and funding decreased, the campus, despite recognition of its historical significance, fell into neglect. To guide the preservation and further development of this 120-year-old campus, the Office of State Veterans Nursing Home (OSVNH) commissioned Boulder Associates and landscape architects Ouellette & Associates to lead a public planning process that culminated in a detailed master plan. The goals of the plan were to:

• provide a safe and healthy environment for the Center’s veteran population
• Improve access, site circulation and efficient parking for residents, staff, visitors
• Deliver a sensitive plan to accommodate future growth and change.
• honor the historical legacy and ensure good stewardship of the campus

The team documented current state land use, circulation, and building conditions, and identified opportunities and constraints. Based on that analysis, the team developed a comprehensive master plan that recommended priorities and cost estimates for improvements and upgrades to the campus.