Improve  |  Improving efficiency, saving time, and reducing cost

$3.35 trillion (with a T!) dollars is spent in the United States annually on healthcare. Of that number, as much as 30% is believed to be waste. As we struggle to map a path forward as a nation, a key piece of the puzzle is the effort among healthcare providers to root out waste within their own organization. We can help you begin that process, coach you on key methods, and train you to sustain and grow the effort on your own.

Boulder Associates offers expertise in all phases of healthcare planning, from facility planning and resource planning to productivity modeling and strategy deployment.

Our work begins with a lean assessment, typically a week-long visit to your facility where we will study your current processes by using established industrial engineering methods, including: time and motion studies, work measurement, statistical analysis, and observation. We combine these methods with high technology tools like process modeling, 3D scanning, and virtual reality to increase the speed and scope of study.

Following our assessment, we will deliver an executive summary that contains recommendations for how to best embark on your improvement journey. We will then work with you to determine what improvement project should come first. We will help you understand your current state, develop an ideal future state, aid in implementation, monitor for success, and offer guidance for sustaining excellence.

Our Operational Improvement team is led by Michael Oswald, an expert who has worked for the last decade as lean master for one of the largest public not-for-profit healthcare systems in the United States. His improvement efforts encompass all manner of inpatient and outpatient services, with exceptional national standard-level results in key areas such as lab and ED.