Providence Facey Canyon Country Medical Office Building  |  Santa Clarita, California

The Facey Canyon Country medical office building came about to address the need to accommodate the aging population and demographic in the Santa Clarita/Canyon Country area. The program includes adult medicine, pediatrics, imaging, and optometry/ophthalmology with an optical retail store.

The exterior was designed to emulate the vernacular of the surrounding landscape through material and color application in understated gestures. By implementing a more traditional trellis in the design but using modern building materials and lighter colors to deflect the light and heat of the surrounding canyon, the building melds with the Santa Clarita aesthetic and has transitional appeal.

Through the use of flooring patterns, ceiling design, and bold colors we created a wayfinding strategy that allows users to navigate through the building to departments, receptions, MA stations, and check-out intuitively without using additional signage to guide the patients through the space. The location of a sculptural staircase by the large windows near the entrance welcomes patients and utilizes bright open spaces, access to scenic exterior views, use of natural materials, and dynamic lighting to pique visual interest as a way of encouraging its use.