Sutter Health East Bay Antioch Medical Center  |  Antioch, California

Eschewing tradition, Sutter Health introduced clinics designed to house more open, collaborative spaces with the goal of creating an ongoing exchange of ideas and information between all levels of staff, from physicians to nurses, medical assistants and admin, improving care and the patient experience. This project involved the update of an existing clinic which housed a family practice, as well as specialist care, to this new model.

The design concept was based around a large patient concourse—a main arterial hall that leads from the shared reception area into the family practice and specialty clinics. The two clinics—one situated to the north and the other to the south of the main arterial corridor—each have color-coded walls on the side of the corridor as a visual wayfinding prompt. Sub-wait stations, carved out of alcoves with seating and lighting, mitigate the visual length of corridor. Additional side “roads” split from the main arterial to naturally divide the entire area into four quadrants with a bank of exam rooms and shared provider spaces. Here, strategically placed rooms (e.g. injection, point of care) provide a natural, efficient operational flow, while dividers in the shared provider spaces create a sense of privacy yet still maintain visibility.

One of the major issues with the original space was the reception area. It was clogged and closed off by glass-partitioned windows. This segmented, old-style format, servicing separate specialties, ran counter to the idea of an open, welcoming, collaborative space. The new design’s open, centralized reception area successfully re-interprets the space into a much more approachable and patient-friendly environment.

In addition, the design team, working closely with the Sutter project management team, was able to deliver this project significantly under budget. This was a result of a nimble, service-oriented project delivery team leveraging their expertise and familiar working relationships to adapt quickly to demands of the project.