Universal Health Services Fairfax Hospital Kirkland  |  Kirkland, Washington

This Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) project is a 36,500 s.f., 68-bed behavioral hospital expansion for Universal Health Services, the largest facility-based behavioral health provider in the country. The IPD process that joined the owner, design, and construction teams allowed for innovative approaches that shaved time off the project schedule. This was enabled by efficiencies such as pre-fabrication of toilet room and mechanical components, pull planning, and lean work planning.

The design of the interior spaces was driven by the client’s desire for a warm, non-institutional space, particularly in response to the cool climate of the Pacific Northwest. The design team sought to literally and figuratively bring sunshine into the spaces, with warm tones and natural lighting. The designers used the long hallways as an opportunity to bring art into the space, resulting in a walking gallery.