Bariatric Counseling Center of San Antonio

Bariatric Counseling Center of San Antonio

San Antonio, TX

The Bariatric Counseling Center of San Antonio provides pre- and post-bariatric surgery care and fully supports the patient’s effort of long-term weight-loss success. The center aids patients in preparation for surgery and monitoring side-effects after surgery, as well as providing courses in nutrition education, pre- and post- surgery meal preparation instruction, and movement classes. It also provides fitness counseling, and other counseling services for family, relationships, and mental health.

The driving principles of the project revolve around the creation of a truly residential, yet sophisticated, spa-like feel. Everything from the wood ceilings with crown molding, to the faux wood flooring with residential-style baseboards, was designed to make the patients feel like they are in a welcoming, luxurious home.

Shutters were used as the primary window treatment, functioning both from a residential aesthetic standpoint, and allowing additional heat and glare control on the west and south facing windows. The mechanical system temperature ranges were designed to support the patient population, while supplemental ceiling fans were installed in spaces where activities and movement take place for additional comfort.

The art and photography were carefully selected to compliment the space while promoting healthy body image and active lifestyles. Larger spaces feature stunning sculptural glass and giclée, and many local artists’ work are featured throughout.

Within that home-like setting, conscious accommodations were made throughout the suite for the patient population. Corridors and doors were designed to be wider than standard, and extra circulation space was incorporated into rooms. All the furniture specified was rated to a minimum of 500lbs with generous clearances at tables. Grab bars were installed at all toilet fixtures and reinforced. The kitchen island and restroom sink counter were also reinforced, as patients use it for support when rising and standing.