Newport Beach Cancer Center Renovation

Newport Beach Cancer Center Renovation

Newport Beach, California

This renovation project delivers a new experience for patients undergoing cancer treatment in Newport Beach and the surrounding areas, with a deep focus on providing a truly patient-centered approach. The design team worked closely with staff and user teams to develop an ideal operational flow for the care team and the patient journey, understanding that patients often stay within the facility for multiple hours and sometimes need to see multiple provider types during a single visit.

The project includes a second-floor infusion center and pharmacy, grounded by an expansive double-height waiting room and window-lined reception area. The project team paid particular attention in the infusion area to designating flexible spaces for differing levels of social interaction, ensuring patient autonomy in selecting their preferred level of socialization. Central to the infusion area is a space for friends, family, and caregivers to comfortably wait while patients are in treatment. Subtle elements like opacity gradients in glass partitions create a sense of spatial delineation and privacy for patients while maintaining sightlines and access for staff. The focal point of the space is the nearly 180-degree view of the ocean from two intersecting walls that overlook the Pacific.

A third-floor medical oncology clinic provides flexible space for rotating providers, understanding that oncologists provide care from multiple locations, including surgical settings, and require the utmost flexibility in the clinical care environment. To this end, the team fastidiously explored layouts, furniture, and finishes in exam rooms within the medical oncology clinic through eight mock-ups with multiple doctors and providers to determine the ideal layout. The rooms are designed to support a non-clinical exchange between providers and patients, creating an atmosphere of calm and collaboration.

Beyond the clinical spaces, the redesign of the cancer center refocuses on the patient experience by recognizing the holistic impacts of cancer care in patients’ lives. Learning and wellness space support the facility’s clinical functionality—including massage, acupuncture, yoga, and conference and dining areas.