Scottsdale Sports Medicine Surgery Center

Scottsdale Sports Medicine Surgery Center

Scottsdale, Arizona

This new 24,000 s.f. 6-OR ASC is on the third floor of the new Banner Sports Medicine Scottsdale medical office building, which focuses on delivering specialized orthopedic care for athletes ranging from youth to professional. In alignment with this mission, the surgery center caters specifically to athletes and is closely affiliated with the Banner University Medical Group and the Banner Orthopedic Fellowship Program.

Four of the center’s six ORs are arrayed around a central surgical observation suite featuring windows into each OR. The windows utilize a smart glass product that can take each pane from transparent to completely opaque at the flip of a switch, enabling privacy for patients whose surgeries are not under observation. The ORs also contain multiple cameras that provide video feed to the observation suite and conference rooms throughout the building.

In addition to 19 PACU and pre-op bays, four private recovery rooms can accommodate overnight stays and provide additional privacy for patients in the public eye. Aesthetically, the ASC implements a softened version of the vibrant palette used throughout the building, with more muted tones and finishes that support a soothing surgical environment.

While another firm initially designed the ASC for I-2 occupancy, the BA team utilized their extensive ASC expertise to reduce the center’s footprint between 3,000-4,000 square feet, improving operational efficiency and providing significant cost savings for the client.

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