Sutter Medical Foundation Natomas Family Practice

Sutter Medical Foundation Natomas Family Practice

Sacramento, CA

Central to Sacramento’s rapidly-growing Natomas neighborhood, this 18,300 s.f. two-story clinic provided a new space for an existing family practice and lab with the addition of a dermatology suite and shell space for future expansion.

The Sutter physician group wanted to create a vibrant, welcoming space that would echo the vitality and expansion of the surrounding community. With that in mind, the BA team infused the clinic with a rich color palette, vibrant furniture and casework, bold graphic textures, ample natural light, and greenery throughout the space. Central to the family clinic’s waiting room is a custom-built bookcase in the shape of a branching tree, stocked with books for young patients to take home after an appointment.

A long monochromatic central corridor bisects the main floor, serving as an obvious point of reference and providing a sense of connectivity between different areas of practice. Throughout the clinic, bold colors and oversized numbers are used as wayfinding elements to easily communicate spatial information to patients, regardless of their spoken language.

Initially conceived as a new large MOB, the team conducted a rigorous validation study kicked off by a week-long 3P event. Multiple members of all areas of care, patient representatives, and the design team worked side-by-side through design and simulations. Although the scale of the project changed to a tenant improvement, the process, flow, and design from the initial 3P were incorporated into the re-envisioned project.

As the first project to utilize the new design-build contract within the Sutter system, close coordination was required between the BA team and general contractor, particularly as some of the building’s elements were prefabricated prior to installation. Though the project’s construction took place during Covid-19 and stringent protocols were in place to maintain health and safety, the team managed to conclude the project on-schedule and under budget.