Sutter North Bay Regional Surgery Center

Sutter North Bay Regional Surgery Center

Novato, CA

The 9,700 s.f. Sutter North Bay Regional Surgery Center is an OSHPD 3 project and includes three operating rooms and one procedure room and was designed to easily expand into the adjacent first floor area to support the facility’s long-term growth plans. The overall design emits a calm, upscale feeling by combining wood and modern resin-based finishes with traditional glass tiles and carpets.

Recognizing that area water use impacts Sonoma County’s ability to support Chinook salmon migration and spawning in the Russian River, water-efficiency became a key undertaking for designers. After being identified as a synergistic solution that simultaneously limited costly slab penetrations, a vacuum plumbing system was employed, resulting in an estimated 66% saving in water use.

While many building materials today are still manufactured with toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde and organochlorides, the designers carefully selected lower impact materials and systems furniture. To ensure optimal indoor air quality upon opening, the facility also underwent a three-week flush-out. This facility was Sutter Health’s first LEED-certified project and achieved a LEED-CI Gold rating.

Learn more from the project’s sustainability case study, its LEED CI-Checklist, and Materials List.