Planetree Visionary Design Network: A leader in designing spaces for human-centered care.

October 29, 2010

Planetree is a non-profit that educates healthcare organizations in an effort to create patient-centered care in healing environments. Announced at Planetree’s annual conference in Denver in October 2010, Boulder Associates became one of seven firms in the country recognized by Planetree as a leader in designing spaces for human-centered care.

Kimberly N. Montague AIA, EDAC, LEED AP,  Planetree’s Director of Design states: “We are very pleased to include your organization amongst an innovative and energetic group of hospitals, health networks and other design firms that are focusing on creating healing environments for patients, their families and staff members who work in these hospitals. We believe this mission is one that will not only sustain health care as it continues to transform in our country, but will create unique and supportive environments around the world.”

The accreditation will allow us to share our expertise and expand our knowledge within the growing Planetree community. This is a significant step forward in Boulder Associates’ pursuit to create more collaborative and comprehensive healthcare environments which benefit our clients, their patients and residents, and their surrounding communities.