Bringing a River of Life to the Tree of Life.

June 15, 2015


Outside a house made of mud bricks, concrete blocks and corrugated metal, Paulina sits on the dirt ground watching passersby go about their day. Her knee, inflamed and infected, itches from the powdered goat bones rubbed into her open wound by the local tribal healer.

Family Legacy Missions International volunteers came upon Paulina during their outreach to children in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka. She was immediately taken into Family Legacy’s full-time care for medical treatment. Currently, a pediatrician and his team treat children out of two classrooms converted into a temporary clinic. Children whose conditions are more severe are taken to an outside facility; however, crowded and unsanitary conditions increase the risk of contracting new infections, such was Paulina’s case. Family Legacy was in desperate need of a quality facility on their campus.

When Drew Garst heard about Family Legacy’s circumstances through personal connections, he saw this as an opportunity to volunteer Boulder Associates capabilities for a compelling cause.

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