Five Ways to Ready Your Clinic for the Future 

Five Ways to Ready Your Clinic for the Future 

Darci Hernandez, AIA, LEED AP

Recently we have seen a lot of existing spaces being redeveloped for new physician practices. Physician groups and developers have taken this opportunity to re-think how to optimize these clinics for collaborative care. As providers look to treat people and diseases holistically, not just their symptoms, there has been a greater call for integrative care, one that fosters knowledge sharing, and a team-based approach.   


Having worked with some early pioneering practices in this area, we have seen that the change in approach needs to be supported by spaces that foster communication and collaboration. To break down knowledge silos, you have to break down physical silos as well. Building on our depth of knowledge about integrated clinical practice, we’re happy to share the 5 ways to ready your clinic for the future.   

This quick summary includes:

  • breakdown of traditional “racetrack” clinics with divided physician offices versus pod-based collaborative clinics
  • how to site adapt clinic pods in modules
  • quantitative metrics on the operational improvements provided by the clinical pod.